Running Uphill
Going shopping :)

Going shopping :)

BTRBC: Forest Lake (Nederland, CO)

I opted for the shorter option on this run as a friend needed to get back earlier. I ran based on time not distance or pace so much. I ran/power hiked for an hour before turning back down. We drove from Boulder (5,000 ft) to the James Peak trail head (9,200 ft). Surprisingly, I did not get altitude sickness on the way but as soon as we started running, it hit me hard. I was immediately breathing heavy and my head was spinning. I felt nauseous once the long winding climbs started and stopped multiple times to catch my breath. I kept staring at my watch waiting for it to be an hour into the run and wish I had just hiked the entire thing as a group member was doing. At 1 hour, I happily turned round and my legs were no longer heavy and happily bounded down the trail. 

The course was scenic! It was full of wild flowers (Indian paintbrush), streams, wooden bridges, and stone steps. In my delirium, I somehow thought a Fire Service officer was in costume…jokingly asked if she put out any fires and she’s like no, where is the fire? So embarrassed but she seemed a bit amused.

I forgot my camera but here’s some pics of my run off the interwebs!

Next to the James Peak trail head (

Stream crossing (


BTRBC Group Run: Forest Lakes

Everyday with mental illness:



The Lion & The Gazelle: Joe Grant

If this doesn’t make you want to hit the trails asap then there’s no hope for you!




YES.YES.YES. People need to realise this 

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i think you’re missing out on some of tumblr then… but it should be on facebook too, it should be on every social media site!


Dahlias #AST53 by rareynolds1 on Flickr.

inspired by Kylie 


inspired by Kylie 





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makes me love this sport so much harder when I see awesome shit like this 

Gah! I love her.

symmonds at the end tho

Taking the day off from work. Trying to rest and do some reading :)

Taking the day off from work. Trying to rest and do some reading :)