Running Uphill

Boulder 24 Hour - Oct. 11-12, 2014

1st place age group. 

56 miles in 23:11. 

Tune up race for Rocky Raccoon 100. Goal was to just have fun and just spend time on my feet - whether it was walking or running.

Stuck to my nutrition and hydration plan well. Nutrition was GU, chia bars, hammer electrolyte pills, midol, 20 oz water per 3.51 miles, and fruit. 

As expected, my tendonitis flared up quickly - despite having rock tape. Tried a new blister preventative and I didn’t have any blisters!! 

After the first lap, I had 2 choices: keep running and only make it 30 miles or so before dropping out OR I could run the downhills hard and speed walk the rest of the course and come in consistently at 2 hour laps. 

My lap times stayed fairly consistent. It was extremely windy on my 3rd lap and I had severe cramping in my legs. My tent neighbor was quite ill so I decided to eat a bit more, rest my legs and help her recover as well. My break was 2 hours long but it was worth it. My legs felt rejuvenated and Sadie and I took off for another lap.

On the overnight portion, I was still going strong speed walking and running the downhills fast. My nutrition and hydration was solid but my feet became even more swollen. I had already switched to my last pair of running shoes. Since it wasn’t very cold out at night, I decided to wear my ugly green Crocs instead of running shoes.

With each of my four pacers, I speed walked/ran the downhills a lap. I would come back to base camp, take a 10-15 min power nap in my chair with my feet resting and then take off for another lap with a different pacer.

I tried to remain as consistent at possible on the laps in order to create some buffer between the 9:12a finish time so I tried to rest less and push harder on the the first half of my final lap.

I was hurting but it was definitely manageable throughout the race. The wheels came off in the final 3.5 miles of the race. I stopped eating and drinking and my speed walking turned into a zombie shuffle.

My boyfriend (also my last pacer), our friend (3rd pacer), her bf and their dog all escorted me to the finish line in 23:11. 

Won my age group at Boulder 24 Hour with 56 miles!

I started getting bad tendonitis at mile 7 so I decided early on to run all the downhills moderately hard and walk everything else.


Colorado XC

This meet was right behind my house! :D


Colorado XC

This meet was right behind my house! :D

A friend and I hiked up Chautauqua today :)


My anaconda don’t want none unless you can run hun


These are very helpful, especially with cheaper shoes.


These are very helpful, especially with cheaper shoes.



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"Landscape Series"

Artist: Michael Mckee